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Queen of Yakshagana

In male characters, there is not much room for expression such as compassion, pity, etc as there is for the female role.  As a woman, she can experience all types of connections such as mother, sister, aunt, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, hostess, maid, likewise female role gives opportunity to exhibit various types of emotions.”

In the eyes of the arts, two main points are mentioned in the above words. First – the female character’s disguise is closer to the real-life of the masses (the audience) and reflects the reality of life. The latter depicts ancient times in which male characters are not spoiled by disguise.

It is in this context the difficulty of Yakshagana’s male role and the role of the female characters can be difficult. The male protagonist is far from over, and the stylized movement should convince the masses of the emotions of the character. With such character of contemporary attire and contemporary gestures, the female role has to mingle.

That is, the female role must be maintained as a bridge between the supernatural and natural worlds. This is the biggest difficulty for a female protagonist.

A question that confronts the artist as a bigot for the female protagonist is firstly the male should be transformed to female.The transformed woman must have the skill to create the illusion that she is a woman. In dance, the role of the male is different, the role of the female is different. Everything else can be achieved with effort. But what can men do? Even Kokkarna Narasimha, Keramane gazana hegde and few more people who created history but could not hide the tribe. This is where the history of Kollyuru is made. His voice is also girly.

As with Ramachandra Rao, a variety of feminine characters can only be maintained by displaying their level of intelligence. The remembering of literary terminology of the episode alone is not sufficient to maintain these levels. Other sources of poetry should also be studied. The same importance holds for studying and narrowly identifying the ways women of different strata behave in important societies.

There are subtle differences in the characters in all five categories. For example, mohini of ‘ruktangada charitre’  , mohini of ‘Bhasmasura’ episode, mohini of samudra mathana, all have their own unique rhythmic rhythms.

His great role as a female partner with Keremane Shivarama Hegde, Keremane Mahabala Hegde, Shriyara Manju Nayak, Keremane Shambhu Hegde, and new couples are a great role to play.

The most memorable moments of the role as a female partners are Bolara-Kollyuru, Aleeke Ramaiah Rai-Kollyuru, Malpe Ramdasa Samaga-Kollyuru, Christian Babu-Kollyuru, Comedian Mizaru Annappa-Kollyuru.