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Queen of Yakshagana

While wandering in Dharmasthala Mela during 1951-52 he obtained another turn. Until then, Kargallu Subbanna Bhatta, who was the main female artist was aging. He gave Kollyuru, female lead role and he lead male role. Kargallu Subbana Bhatta told Kollyuru how to adjust to the female lead role.

‘In the Yakshagana play, no matter how competent the artist is, if the person playing lead name has played lead female role in the past then there is no doubt the pair will co-exist’ says Kollyuru.

For the next ten years, the Dharmasthala Mela was celebrated as the era of Agari Srinivasa Bhagavatha, Shastri and Kollyuru.

Agari Srinivasa Bhagavata

Agari Srinivasa Bhagavata was one who taught him the most on stage. One of his motivational quotes is always ringing in Kollyuru’s ears “child, never become sad on stage, never forget the honor of character and talk. Let the dialogue be anything, do it impressively. Don’t get glazed by claps of illiterate people and get appreciation from scholars.”

From 1962, Kollyuru who has worked in Surathkal, Koodlu and Karnataka Melas has never given the female lead role to anyone. 

Shape, size, tone etc. are the factors that make a woman’s role a success. Probably the only person who has these so quantitatively is Kollyuru.