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Queen of Yakshagana

Various characters such as Rani, co-star, Princess, Vidushi played in the Tulu prasnagas by Kollyuru are example to many individuals.

Dei Baidheti of ‘Koti-Chennai’, Siriginde of ‘Sorkuda Siriginde’, Veshya Nagamma of ‘Pattada Padmale’, ‘Siri of Tulunada Siri’, Bommakke of ‘Kadamallige’, Tannimaniga of episode ‘Kod-dhabbu’, Shamaladevi of ‘ Devapunja Pratapa’ Through these roles, Kollyuru has effectively portrayed the female and evil characters of Tulunadu.

His contribution to Tulu language and culture is remarkable in the role-playing of these events. Numerous cultural identities have eased into his role.

These are some of the exciting chapters of the stage and the performance of Tulu episodes of Kollyuru with Alike Rameyya Rai and Malpe Ramdasa Samaga.

On the one hand Malpe Ramadasa Samaga congratulated him , the quote he said is remembered here, ‘Ramachandra’s many female characters are seen as the best . But the acting as ‘Sorkuda Siriginde’ was unique. The performance of this character, which has different emotions in each scene, is very tough. I’m surprised to find that unique acting ability in Ramachandra’.